Good vs Evil

Where there is good, there is evil. When you think about good vs evil, what are your thoughts?

Popular belief would have you believe that good always triumphs over evil. But this is not always the case, not in reality or fiction.

Sometimes you’ll hear about the little guy being abused by someone or something. They usually lose. Sometimes they win, and the story of their win will reach the news and everyone will hear about it.

When writing or reading fiction, the bad guys usually have their unlimited resources, their undeniably great strategies and they’re willing to go to any lengths in order to win. Yet the good guys manage to destroy the evil and win the day. Realistic? No. But it could still make a great story.

Of course, there are popular titles in fiction that let evil get away with almost anything and sometimes they win. These are in my opinion, realistic stories.

A real-life example is the war against the native Americans that ended with slavery and domination, destroying a lot of history and culture. The story with the aboriginals of Australia was a similar story. They don’t have happy endings, no good defeating the bad.

In a story where good fights evil, neither side can truly be sure of victory until the end. Most of the time and realistically so, the side that has more power and wealth wins. And even then, has either side truly won?

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