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New Story Idea

Firstly, this doesn’t mean I’m giving up on one of my others, just adding another to work on for fun. Let me know what you think.

Apostles, those chosen by the gods of this world, are given the ability to gain extraordinary power through accomplishing heroic and dangerous feats.

In a world where strength and skill determine status, where dangerous monsters fill dungeons, forests and caves. The apostles have the highest status, the more they fight, the stronger they get. And the biggest bonus? They can’t die, well… they revive. But there’s a catch, through the process of rebirth their mind and soul are basically shattered and this disturbs the psyche, too many deaths and the apostle will go insane. That’s what we call a forsaken.

Around a century ago, the first group of people had become apostles. Fifty years after that, they created guilds so that apostles have a place to call home. Guilds, or “Homes to the Apostles” are where the strong gather to make friends and grow even further in strength.

Three young friends seek out adventure after they were recently appointed as apostles by the gods. Though they do not know what the first thing about being one means. They head off into a dungeon to fight monsters only to die and be reborn for the first time.

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