I’m a strong believer that research will benefit your writing almost as much, if not more than your own imagination will.

For my current novel I have researched a fair amount of information into medieval warfare, siege tactics, weapons training, medicines, farming, cooking, town location, armour/weapon crafting and technological breakthroughs. Of course, I researched many smaller, less common things too.

For example, did you realize, that before we were in the age we are now, villages, towns and cities were started near large sources of drinkable water in order to survive long term? You may have, but it’s not something I ever thought about.

Or that in medieval warfare, before a siege started, trenches were dug so that archers and horsemen had a disadvantage on the battlefield?

Perhaps you didn’t know that in the earlier days, wheat, oats, barley, rye, vegetables and animal products were the main foods eaten.

Meat was rare, being only eaten by those who could hunt, royalty or farmers with domesticated animals. Wheat, oats, barley and rye were more common and usually turned into porridge, gruel or bread. After harvest, vegetables were often added to bread, oats for pottage (a stew type food) or eaten on their own.

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