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Magic in Imeria

In Imeria, magic isn’t dependent on your natural ability to cast it. Everyone in the world has magic, you just need the right training and enough patience. Though I did say you don’t need to be a natural, there are some that it comes much easier to. Magic is fueled by a power within every living creature called Essence, without essence, one would no longer have life. Some are born with a higher pool of essence while others have to stretch it like they would a muscle.

There are five different types of magic in Imeria,

Manipulation – This is manipulating essence as it leaves your body, depending on the way you manipulate it, it could be used to create destructive energies such as fire, or it could have incredible healing properties.

Separation – This is separating essence from your body while still controlling it from a distance. This is used to speed up the growth of flora, manipulate objects from a distance (depending on their structure, some objects are not as easy to manipulate) and change the properties of matter.

Alteration – This allows the temporary manipulation of the user’s biological makeup to benefit them, this could be used to increase strength, sense of smell, eyesight or even learn at greater speeds.

Connection – This magic allows a connection between two living beings. Things like telepathic communication, reading one’s mind and memory alteration.

Fortification – This magic is solely defensive magic, creating a shield against other magics and some physical damage.

Most mage in Imeria focus on one or two types of magic. The gifted may have three or four. The highest class of magicians can boast they have mastered each type. 

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