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Sci-Fi: A Long Journey Ahead

I have always wanted to write a science fiction novel. Ever since seeing Star Wars as a kid, all of the stuff about interplanetary travel, aliens, foreign languages and such excited me. So I decided I would one day write one.

Lately I have been working each weekend on a Science Fiction novel. Not much, only worldbuilding so far. Every weekend (that I can) for the next 10-20 years I will work on this novel until it’s finally ready to be written. It’ll be a long process and I am sure it’ll turn out well but I would really just love to have it finished already. Art is not something you can rush though.

One day… One day I will write a Science Fiction novel worthy of being loved by many. This won’t be something I speak about often and many of you will forget about this novel by the time it’s published. But I will be working on it. Slowly making the world become more and more amazing.

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