On my FAQ page I lightly touched this subject. I said there wasn’t really anything that inspired me. But I was wrong, somehow I tend to inspire myself.

When I’m bored, I want to write. When I’m happy, I want to write. When I’m tired, I want to write. And before I say every action/emotion I can do/feel, I’ll skip to the end. My mind inspires me to write, all the time. Every day. It is my choice whether I write or not but the want still remains. I feel as though I’ll always want to write.

Sometimes, but rarely, I will be watching or reading something, my creativity will have an increased spark of activity and I will create something original from whatever I just saw/read. That doesn’t make it any less original, someone else’s work simply helped me create something original.

Apart from that, myself and my own imagination, there is not anything that inspires me to write. But I have had things in my life that have assisted me in my writing.

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