The Machine – Review

I rate this novel, Four of Five stars!

First off, I will have to say that I had never read a Steampunk novel before finishing The Machine. I had no idea where this journey was going to take me or what kind of world I was diving into.

I was able to quickly see the hard work and love put into the words I was reading. The beautiful descriptions of both the scenes and characters had me drawn into this written world. I am not usually one for romance. Not in books, television series’ or movies, but somehow, The Machine kept my mind craving more of the story the longer I read. It wasn’t the romance but the mystery, the intrigue, the detailed scenes and the character development that kept me reading. The dialogue between the characters was realistic and each character had their own touch to their dialogue just like any real person would.

Larissa, the main character, is a store clerk that gets whisked away on a wonderful and fear inducing journey that she never could have expected. She grows as a person when she faces the challenges ahead and Larissa keeps pushing forward. It’s a beautiful tale filled with loss, action, suspense, mystery and awe.

E.C. Jarvis was able to keep this beautiful story well-paced and easy to follow while it kept you guessing as each mystery opened itself up to you or a new twist began to form. If I didn’t have my own commitments I would have read the entire story in a day or two, so I very much like it.

The only reasons this isn’t a five-star review is for a few, small mistakes in the story. Be it a small plot hole needing to be filled in by imagination or the occasional grammatical error (I encountered several grammatical errors, perhaps twenty or so in total). I read the words, lurch, lurching and lurched five times all up in a single chapter and it really threw my out of my enjoyment. And, because every now and then, a character would say or do something a little out of character or didn’t react as I thought they would in a situation.

I did mention the fact that this story has romance, if you are a romance lover, this book may not be for you as there is very little romance. It has a fast pace, full of action and intrigue. All in all, I would have to say I was glad to have had the chance to read E.C. Jarvis’s The Machine and will probably buy her next book in the series.

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