Worldbuilding from the Inside Out (and workbook) – Review 

I rate these novels, Two of Five stars!

This review is for two novels that are supposed to work off each other. Both World-Building from the Inside Out and its workbook did help me learn a thing or two by the time I finished reading them. But only one or two. The books go into detail about worldbuilding aspects such as Religion, Government, Societal Structure, Art & Media, Technology, Naming, Food, Appearance, Location, Health & Medicine, Military, and Education.

Now, although this is all well and good, the books span less than 70 pages each and touch each subject briefly. If you are completely new to worldbuilding, I would say you should give it a shot, but if you aren’t, then I would not. If you have researched worldbuilding or spent any of your time learning what worldbuilding is, then you could easily teach yourself everything in these books without even reading them. Janeen and Julia both wrote a beautiful book that touches each aspect that was previously stated with a nice tone and in an easy to understand kind of way.

For the $4 price tag, a 70-page book has the title of World-Building from the Inside Out, you’d expect a book that touches every kind of worldbuilding tool for a writer. And my expectations were thrown out the window. Not only that, but I bought both books at $4 each.

I’ve bought $4, $5 and $6 books that truly touch everything that they should, books on scene creation that show you almost everything to do with building scenes, character books that teach you everything you need to create wonderful characters. Each one of those books had 100-300 pages of great and insightful information.

I hate to say it, but World-Building from the Inside Out hardly helped me at all and it was a waste of $8.  I wish I could give these books a better review, but with how much I taught myself with worldbuilding thus far, I can’t say that I enjoyed or really learned anything with these two books.

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