The Truth Behind Books

When someone holds a book in their hands, do they understand that it is someone’s heart and soul they are holding? That a writer bled their heart into the world within that book for a year, five years, ten years, or even their whole life?

As writers, we fill the books we write with our own emotions, memories, knowledge, friends, family and more. The worlds come from a mixture of imagination, knowledge and past experiences. When reading a book, you’re quite literally reading someone else’s imagination. That’s quite a personal thing to do when you think about it.

Sometimes, the editing process of the novel can take some of the soul of the writer out of the books but some will always remain. You can usually see the limits of their imagination, how knowledgeable they are, the pain or joy they have felt at some point in their life, and many other things. When I read a novel, I try to take in the world and the essence of the person or persons that wrote it.

As a reader, can you make better sense of the writer through his words? Or do you just see the world that you’re reading?

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