Magic Study – Review


So I have to admit, I read 200 pages before even starting this review. I was just so into it after the first book that I almost completely forgot about writing a review. But Maria V. Snyder captured my attention and imagination with Magic Study, the second book in her Yelena Zeltana series. 

Whether there are spelling, punctual or grammatical errors, I couldn’t see any. The story was once again good enough to pull me away from the part of my brain that edits everything.

So after we left the first book, Yelena went on an adventure to discover her roots. She leaves Ixia behind and all of her friends with it (not for good though). When she finds her family, she is met with a warm and loving welcome, except when it came to her brother.

It didn’t take long for Yelena to wind up in trouble again and her adventure became wrapped up in plenty intriguing situations, one of which is joining her fellow mages in trying to uncover the identity of a serial rapist and murderer who targets young women. All while learning the art of magic.

Yelena stays true to herself but softens in the more friendly part of the world called Sitia. She meets new friends and is treated with much more kindness than she was in Ixia.

Damn you, Maria, nearing the end you made me cry like a baby (and It was in public too). Your ability to tell Yelena’s story is wonderful.

Now for the bad. throughout this book, Yelena grew more and more arrogant. She also seemed to forget her cautious nature, deciding that since she has magic now, she can take on the world. I hope she loses her arrogance and starts to acknowledge the fact she’s not invincible.

And Valek, poor Valek. Did your love for Yelena really ruin you so much? I love the love they share, but not only did he get soft, but he was also captured and almost killed. If we meet him again, I hope he becomes the Valek I grew to love.

A book worthy of four stars.

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