About Me

Early Years

I was born in the small town of Burnie in 1994. At an early age, I would read all kinds of literature and watch all sorts of movies. The things I would read stretched from things like Captain Underpants to J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone.

My high school years were spent fighting against depression and other students who physically and mentally abused me. This started to make me lose interest in a great many things, writing included. When I was fourteen, I spent half of the year slowly working on a novel which had the title of Leon. When I was fifteen, I worked at McDonald’s preparing food. By the time my high school life had ended, my interest in writing had faded away, and some bad choices led to me being removed from high school at sixteen.

College Years

In my college years, I wasn’t much better off than I was in high school, though somehow I started to get back into writing. I began to edit Leon, the story I’d started in high school and also began writing another with the title of Whispers of Death but I lost heart and quit both pieces of writing. I had decided that I wanted to join the military, but when the time came at the end of college, they denied me due to a prior knee injury. Being declined from the military which I had assumed was my dream job, brought me into a four-month depression in which I stayed in my bedroom and played countless hours of many MMOs.

Out of School Years

In 2015 at the start of the year, I started a small independent video game design company. Sometime after leading them and being the main writer, about eight months after, I realised that leading a video game company wasn’t what I truly wanted to do. Even though I didn’t go through with it, it led me to rediscover my love of writing, and I was hired by another indie team as a writer. I wrote an entire world worth of stuff, but the company fell through.

In early 2016 after my younger brother took over the caring role of my mother, I started writing again, but this time for myself to work towards being an author. I had decided to look at my previous work, Leon. I then scrapped the entire piece of writing, still keeping a select few ideas within the story alive. A short time into the year I was diagnosed with a psychological illness much like Schizophrenia. I was being treated for six months before I managed to manage my mental problems without the need for medication. It’s hard, but I can still function each day with ease, and I believe all of this helps me write even better.

In January 2017, I moved to Victoria, Australia, for better work opportunities so I could live a little easier, be more independent, and save money for novel costs. Since that time, I have worked in retail, construction, as a children’s sports coach, and am currently working in childcare while studying to become a high school English teacher.


After finishing the first draft of what was once called Leon (Now named Shadows of Imeria), I discovered that because of my lack of an outline, the story was a mess. So in June 2018, I began a new project called Worldbuilding Essentials, and it is a guide to creating worlds for all kinds of writers. In September 2018, I came up with an idea for a story to write during NaNoWriMo called Ghosts Be Gone! where a spiritual consultant in a modern-day setting has to deal with the fact his once lazy lifestyle of his has become anything but.