Below are the frequently asked questions from this blog, Instagram, and Facebook. Always feel welcome to ask me more in the comments below.

Question – What inspired you to start writing?
Answer – I have always enjoyed writing, but the day I realised I wanted to write was in primary school (Elementary School). It was 2003, I was nine years old, and my teacher got us to do a literary booster lesson, she introduced a story that changed my young life, called Thespina and the Scorpidon. It may not have been the best or most interesting story, but I loved it, and it has always stuck with me.

Question – How do your ideas come to you?
Answer – Honestly, I think most writers, myself included don’t know how their ideas come to them. I put my mind in a certain state, tell myself that I need to write and the ideas flow, some days they come in a steady stream like the flow of a river, other days that river has dried up and I have to go looking through it for pockets of water. Though how they come to me is still a mystery.

Question – What is your writing process?
Answer – Well, I start with a single idea. I then create a world based around that idea. I then create the main protagonist and antagonist of the story and work on their backgrounds. Depending on what kind of story it is, I may write a minimally detailed outline. Once I have done enough world-building, have enough characters to start with and have an outline (if being used), I write. Each time I discover a new important character or find something in the world that needs to be expanded upon I go back and work on them.

Question – What do you intend to get out of writing?
Answer – Honestly? Nothing, I write for myself. Although, if I really had to choose something, then I would have to say I write for a sense of self-satisfaction and accomplishment. I guess it would also be nice to see that other people enjoy reading my writing as much as I enjoy writing it.

Question – Do you make deadlines for yourself? And if so, how do you keep up with them?
Answer – I’m sure most writers (myself included) make deadlines. I always start by writing, every day that I can. Deadlines should only be a goal that you try to achieve unless it’s set by someone else like an employer or publisher. But I’ll get back to the point, I simply set a date, figure out how much I need to write by that date and work towards it the best I can. I don’t always succeed, not everyone is as awesome as Stephen King with his 6 pages of writing a day.

Question – How do you find the motivation to write?
Answer – I’m either kindly motivated by those that I love, or I put on whatever genre of music feels right at the time, and it’ll motivate me to write. Some days, just like you I will wake up and feel like staying in bed, like doing nothing. I’m no different. It’s just that most days I will eventually slide out of bed, sit in my writing chair and write. I may not write much, but I will always try to write something every day.

Question – Do you ever get stuck? If so how do you get unstuck?
Answer – If I am to get stuck with my writing, it’s usually my own fault. I then have to figure out what fault that may be. I may have written a bad scene. I might be lost in my story and need to plan a little further into the plot. It could be that the idea I’m working with just doesn’t resonate with me and I have to rewrite. Whatever it is, I spend time every day figuring out what it is until I’ve fixed it.

My suggestion is that you do the same. Look at what caused you to be stuck instead of simply realising you can’t move forward.